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FADAA 2013 Legislative Update: Week 4 of 9
Special Budget Edition
March 25-29, 2013

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Even though it was a short week, the Legislature worked on major issues. This week, Legislative Budget Subcommittee Chairs released their budget proposals for the 2013-2014 General Appropriations Act. The full appropriations committees in both the Senate and House will be meeting on April 3 to take up the budget proposals.This week's update highlights budget proposals to date. The budget data below is preliminary; a more comprehensive summary of the budget proposals will be sent once a more in-depth evaluation is completed.


Most house subcommittees announced they have completed their work. The final meetings are scheduled for early next week, when the Legislature will be back in full swing. Bills not yet heard in a House subcommittee are problably dead this year.

Budget: Health and Human Services

Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Health and Human Services

Chair Denise Grimsley (R-Sebring) released the Chairman's budget proposal for health and human services. It appears that most of the $23.1 million substance abuse and mental health base funding that was shifted to non-recurring general revenue last year is proposed to be funded again in FY 2013-14 with non-recurring general revenue.  


House Health Care Appropriations Subcommittee Chair Matt Hudson (R-Naples) released the Chairman's proposal for health and human services which included replacing with recurring general revenue most of the base substance abuse and mental health funding that was shifted to non-recurring dollars last year. The proposal also added expanded treatment based off of recommendations from the Statewide Taskforce on Prescription Drugs and Newborns as well as the establishment of eleven pilot mental health Community Action Teams targeting teens and young adults..


Both Senate and House budget proposals continue to fund the Reinvestment Grant Program and expand the indigent psychiatric medication program.Below is a preliminary side by summary of the Health and Human Services Budget Proposals.



HHS BUDGET 2013-2014 FY
Preliminary Side by Side Comparison
Health and Human Services
All in Recurring Funding Unless Non-Recurring (NR) Indicated


Gov. Budget



Children's Substance Abuse

$1.125 million

$1.125 million NR

$1.125 million

Adult Substance Abuse

$4.9 million

$4.9 million NR



Children's Mental Health

$3.875 million

$3.875 million NR

$3.875 million

Adult Mental Health

$13.95 million

$10.2 million NR



Public Safety, MH & SA Reinvestment Local Matching Grant

$3.0 million

$3.0 million NR


million NR

Expanded Treatment Based on Statewide Taskforce on Prescription Drugs and Newborns Recommendations




$11.69 million NR

Integration of Child Welfare & Substance Abuse Services Pilot Project to CBCs

$5.0 million




TF & Federal Grant

Mental Health Community Action Teams




Mental Health First Aid Training




Increase in Indigent Psychiatric Medication Program


$1.5 million NR

$500,000 NR

Pasco County Prescription Drug Initiative

$1.0 million



million NR

Funding for Community-Based Projects

The Senate conducted an extensive review of $61 million in community projects across state agencies. The Senate budget proposal eliminates $9.6 million of these community projects, including $3.465 million in substance abuse and mental health projects. (See below).


The House appears to maintain funding for existing community based projects that were funded in the 2012-2013 FY base budget.


Local Funding Initiatives Cut from 1st Draft of Senate Budget

Released 3/27/13





Myron Rolle Wellness



Children's Comprehensive Behavioral Services



Family Emergency Treatment Center



The Village



Adolescent Residential Substance Abuse Treatment



Roots N Wings - Child/Adolescent


St. Johns

Circles of Care - Adult Substance Abuse



Haven Recovery House (formerly Serenity House)



Outreach to the Elderly for Medical Compliances


Clay, Duval

River Regions - Women's HIV Substance Abuse


Clay, Duval

Total Reduction to SA/MH Community Projects





Local Funding Initiatives ADDED to Senate & House Budget

Released 3/27/13





Cost of Living Adjustment - Mental Health Contracted Agencies



Pinellas Mental Health Receiving Facility



New Horizons Crisis Stabilization Unit



Manatee Glens CAT Team



St. Johns Sheriffs Detox Facility

$1.3 million


Transition House for Homeless Veterans



Apalachee Crisis Stabilization Unit



The Manor - Mental Health Services

$2.75 million


Operation PAR Health & Wellness



Peace River Crisis Stabilization Unit



Osceola Mental Health Facility

$1.4 Capital Outlay


Zero Prenatal Exposure


$250,000 NR


Senate Managing Entity Budget Language
Listed below is the implementing and conforming language that the Senate is proposing for managing entities.

Implementing Language - Managing Entities- Senate Proposal

Requires the Department of Children and Families to amend its contracts with each managing entity, as necessary, to remove any contractual provisions that have the effect of requiring a managing entity to conduct a provide network procurement during the 2013-2014 fiscal year.


DCF Conforming Bill - Managing Entities - Senate Proposal

Section 1 of the bill; s.394.9082, F.S.

Allows managing entities under contract with DCF for regional management of behavioral health and substance abuse services, to carry forward unspent state dollars from one fiscal year to the next, under specified parameters. Requires DCF to provide a two-month advance payment to a managing entity at the beginning of a fiscal year. These provisions mirror current law for CBC lead agency contracts.

Budget: Criminal Justice

Both the Senate and House budget picked up the Governor's request of $1.3 million for community drug treatment and funded a slight increase in correctional drug treatment programs.


The Senate proposal also picked up the Governor's budget recommendation and funds the opening of the Gadsden Reentry Center, including a drug treatment component.


While the Senate fully funds the continuation of the Post Adjudicatory Drug Courts, it contains new proviso language directing OPPAGA to evaluate the program's effectiveness that includes performance-based, cost, and outcome metrics. The House provides $1 million for the continuation of this program.


The Senate Budget proposal places performances measures and benchmarks in the DOC implementing bill to establish performance measures and monitor department progress on proviso, procurement, cost containment, and work release and re-entry initiatives.


Finally, both Senate and House budgets implement the Governor's and Department of Corrections' recommendation to consolidate contracted community and institutional drug treatment funding into one budget entity.


Below is a preliminary side by summary of the Criminal Justice Budget Proposals.

Criminal Justice BUDGET 2013-2014 FY
Preliminary Side by Side Comparison
Criminal Justice
All in Recurring Funding Unless Non-Recurring (NR) Indicated



Gov. Budget



Maintain Existing Community Residential Substance Abuse Treatment

$1.3 million

$1.3 million

$1.3 million

Expand Community & Institutional Substance Abuse Treatment


$522,504 million


$2.17 million


Continue Funding Case Management and Treatment Services for Adult Post-Adjudicatory Drug Court Expansion Program



$5,543,957 NR


$1 million NR

Gadsden Reentry Center for Substance Abuse Treatment

$5.4 million

$2,902,581 Rec. & NR


Consolidate Substance Abuse Programs




This Week in the Legislature...
  • FADAA supported two bills that protect individuals' confidentiality. HB1183 creates exemption from public records requirements for forensic behavioral health evaluation filed with court and HB1185 provides a public records exemption on initial screenings for treatment-based drug court program, substance abuse screenings, behavioral health evaluations, & subsequent treatment status reports for participants in treatment-based drug court programs. Both bills filed by Representative Joe Gibbons (D-Pembroke Park) passed the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee. Both bills have Government Operations Subcommittee; Health & Human Services Committee remaining. 
  • The House Health Quality Subcommittee unanimously voted to authorize the Department of Health to establish a needle and syringe exchange program. The bill was amended to apply only to a pilot program in Miami-Dade County. The needle may only be exchanged on a 1:1 ratio at a safe and secure site as long as materials and referrals are provided on drug use prevention and treatment and HIV testing and counseling. The bill has the remaining committee references: Criminal Justice Subcommittee; Health Care Appropriations Subcommittee; Health & Human Services Committee. The Senate companion (SB808) has not been heard in any of its 4 committee references. FADAA supported the bill.
  • The House Healthy Families Subcommittee presented a committee bill (PCB HFS 13-03) that bill requires the DCF to establish a Mental Health First Aid Training Program to help the public identify and understand the signs of mental illnesses and substance use disorders and provide the public key skills to help someone who is developing or experiencing a mental health or substance use problem. FADAA supported the proposal, which will be re-filed as a committee bill and referred to committees. There is no Senate companion.
  • FADAA also supported a bill aimed at "Cross Over Youth". HB7103 authorizes DJJ and DCF to collaborate on a pilot project to demonstrate a more effective service model for cross over youth, in one county, which is mutually agreed upon by DJJ and DCF. The bill requires DCF to seek proposals from interested child welfare service providers to identify new approaches for the pilot. Preference will go to counties who have a unified family court system. The bill was reported favorable by the House Health Care Appropriations Subcommittee and will be heard next in House Health & Human Services Committee. There is no Senate companion.
  • HB1355 passed House Judiciary this week and will next be heard on the House floor. Filed by Representative Barbara Watson (D-Miami Gardens), the bill prohibits a person from purchasing a firearm if a examining physician finds the person imminently dangerous to himself or others and files a special certificate that if the person doesn't agree to voluntary commitment for treatment, an involuntary commitment petition will be filed. There is no Senate companion.

Upcoming Bills to Watch
Keep an eye out for the following bills expected to be heard next week.

Open Parties (SB874):The Senate Open Parties bill expanding the laws relating to open house parties to vacant properties, if the property owner has given permission, will be heard in Senate Criminal Justice on Monday.


Correctional Reentry Treatment Facilities (SB1032): The Senate version of the reentry legislations being promoted by the Florida Smart Justice Alliance has been placed on the Senate Criminal Justice agenda calendar for Monday. The bill is expected to be amended to match the House reentry proposal (HB7151) which among other things, authorizes judges to enter split sentences that includes substance abuse treatment in prison, followed by continued treatment in a reentry facility.


Sober Homes (SB738): The Senate version of sober home legislation will be heard in the first committee of reference - Senate Children, Families, and Elder Affairs - on Monday afternoon. FADAA will be engaged in ensuring an amendment that contains compromise language is included.


Transitional Living Facilities (SB1724): Also in Senate Children, Families, and Elder Affairs committee is a bill that requires any assisted living facility with one or more state supported mental health residents obtain a limited mental health (LMH) license. This will expand protections and services from current law to all state supported mental health residents from three. The bill also requires the assisted living facility responsible for a mental health resident to ensure that there is adequate and consistent monitoring of the community living support plan.


Bath Salts (SB294): The Senate is expected to pass on third reading the bath salts bill adding to the list of Schedule II controlled substances on Thursday. 

Upcoming Dates to Remember
This next week of Legislative Session marks the half-way point. Below are important committee meetings currently scheduled. There will also be a FADAA lobbyist meeting on Tuesday beginning at 11:00am on health care issues and 11:30 on criminal justice issues.

Calendar for Week of Monday, Apr 1, 2013



April 1, 2013


Senate Criminal Justice

37 S



Senate Children, Families, and Elder Affairs

37 S



April 2, 2013


House Health Care Appropriations Subcommittee

212 K



House Select Committee on PPACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act)

102 H



FADAA Lobbyist Meeting - Health Care

LL Caf


FADAA Lobbyist Meeting - Criminal Justice

LL Caf



Senate Health Policy

412 K







April 3, 2013


House Judiciary Committee

404 H



Senate Appropriations

412 K



House Appropriations Committee

212 K



April 4, 2013


Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Criminal and Civil Justice

37 S


House Justice Appropriations Subcommittee

404 H



Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Health and Human Services

412 K


House Health & Human Services Committee

17 H










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