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Council Member Duties

As Council Members, we:

• Review and comment on the comprehensive state Substance Abuse and Mental Health Federal Block Grant application. In fulfilling this primary function, we actively seek public comment from each of our respective circuits and through a variety of survey methodologies.

• Provide education concerning adults with substance abuse or serious mental illness, children with substance abuse or serious emotional disturbance and those persons experiencing co-occurring disorders. This group brings many years of practical experience to our role as educators of state agency staff, elected officials and the public. We further believe education can reduce the negative effects of stigma associated with behavioral health disorders.

• Work to streamline a system that better allows council members to monitor, review, and evaluate the effectiveness of Florida's system of care. Our monitoring committee spearheads a comprehensive program providing in-depth analysis of public documentation while conducting on-site facility visits as needed to evaluate the allocation and adequacy of services.

• Strive to bridge the gap between the current service system and the types of services needed to create a transformed and recovery-based system of care. This group is an important voice in the state of Florida and it is expected to grow stronger year by year ensuring Florida consumers are heard.

SMHPC Bylaws

For More Information, Contact:
Substance Abuse & Mental Health
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